This is a crazy mash-up of all things astrology--something that interests me greatly. I hope to create something where one day I can come reference this page to learn something about someone. I'm still learning, come learn with me!

What is Astrology?Edit

Astrology details planetary and celestial positions in the sky, according to a circular graph system divided into twelve "slices". Each slice is a different sign, or zodiac. The sun, moon, and every planet in our solar system moves through these sections of the sky, and this placement determines a lot about a person.

It is the science of relations between planet/sun/moon positions and the way someone acts, feels and thinks. Everyone is born into this world on a certain date at a certain time in a certain place. So the question is, what do these details say about a person? This page will help you crack the code!

Going About the Wiki Edit

For the easiest reading experience, work from left to right with the blue tabs at the top. Start with the sun, then moon, then rising sign. These three signs are determined by a person's exact date, time and location of birth; ALL THREE of these signs can be calculated for FREE on my favorite website here! The last tab, More Astrology, details more complex, in-depth astrological concepts.

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